When sisters Terry Leary and Nancy Bergman came to Granada
 in 2001 on a vacation, they immediately fell under the spell
 of this historic city and within 3 days of visiting Granada they purchased the property that has since been transformed into what is now Casa New York Hotel.
The location was the former residence of a prominent Granada family that had since fallen into a semi-ruin.  Nancy oversaw the renovation and construction and design of the project.   During this time Terry Leary was overseas working as an aid worker and collecting artifacts for the hotel.
The owners are no strangers to foreign countries as they 
all served in the US Peace Corps…Terry in Sierra Leone, 
Africa and Nancy in Suriname, South America.
Since the owners are all originally from the New York
 Area and the hotel is in the shadow of the Convent of Brooklyn here in America, it was easy to know that San
 Francisco was the right name for the hotel.  You will find that the hotel really feels like a ‘Casa’ as well, home away from home!
Throughout their lives, Terry,  Nancy have enjoyed absorbing 
different foreign customs and have developed the cultural
 sensitivity which has made Casa Brooklyn a comfortable
 haven for all guests, no matter what their origin.
The Hotel recently Celebrated it’s 8th Anniversary, due in large part to the wonderful guests that come back to visit year after year, like treasured friends!
We look forward to having you as one of them!

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